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Ensign Chekov's Duty Log.

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Name:Polina 'Pasha' Andreynia Chekov
Birthdate:Apr 11
about me;

Ensign P. A. Chekov


Why don't you squeeze my theorum while I poly your nominal


Birthday: 11th March 2241
Current age: Sewenteen, sir Nineteen
Home: St Petersburg, Russia.
Height: 5ft
Hair: Sandy blonde/brown
Eyes: Cornflower blue.
Gender: Female.

Career in Starfleet
Current post: Navigator, U.S.S. Enterprise
Current rank: Ensign.
Serial number: 656-5827B

Pasha's list of Verses:

If you want to set one up then just hit me with a PM or IM. Do ittttttt~ MORE VERSES WANTED.

Puppies verse: [info]puppymerlin Where Pasha and Merlin are adorkable. Akin to a basket of puppies.
McRussian:[info]hesdead_jim In which Pasha and Leonard are both cranky, head strong and weirdly perfect for each other.

OOC: Both muse & mun are 18+. Pasha is played 2 years on from the events of the 2009 ST movie.]
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